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Recruiting Excellence was founded in 2003 by Brad Shackleton, Chief Executive, after having a hugely successful career in the recruitment and headhunting industry as a million pound biller (contract and permanent) in London. Within 18 months of his career, Brad was one of the global top sales consultants of his UK FTSE listed recruitment company, employing in excess of 1300 sales consultants world wide, and was one of the highest and most consistent performers in his industry globally.

Attributing some of his initial success to the direct influence and personal mentoring that he received from the infamous sales gurus and trainers of their time, Tony and Nick Byrne, Brad then moved into senior management where he recruited, trained and retained a sales division that became the most profitable business in his company globally, billing in excess of £1 million quarterly profit.

As a world renowned sales professional and coach Brad, a descendent of the great Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton established Recruiting Excellence to offer companies and individuals the opportunity to recruit his trademarked sales and management techniques focused on structure, qualifying and closing, to increase their desired levels of productivity and profitability.

Recruiting Excellence’s elite processes have shown positive and quantifiable impacts on the levels of productivity and profitability for thousands of sales consultants and managers. As a result with some reported increases of up to 150% in annual revenue on a previous year.

Evidence also shows that the versatility of these specific and unique techniques have been as wholly beneficial and profitable to companies and individuals with sales orientations outside of the recruitment and head hunting industry, including financial and investment services, property and real estate, and the accounting and legal professions.

Our wealth of experience has made Recruiting Excellence a trusted advisor to some of the largest companies in the world, offering a global service training and consulting for companies in Europe, to Russia, Asia Pacific, Australasia, Japan, South Africa, UK and Ireland.

“Irrespective of a company’s ability to win the initial opportunity of new business through it’s brand, product and service, ONLY the education and application of solid and secure sales systems, techniques and processes by a company’s sales consultants will guarantee the actual execution, completion and financial return of that business. It is the arsenal and application of these different techniques that Recruiting Excellence offers its clients an almost certain guarantee of return on the training investment that they make with us.”

Brad Shackleton – Chief Executive, Recruiting Excellence



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