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All aspiring recruiters and managers are personally invited to join Recruiting Excellence’s ‘Big Billers Mentoring Society’ (BBMS). At this society Recruiting Excellence hosts monthly meetings with fellow BBMS members to benefit from our personal mentoring services. At these events we personally review each member’s implementation of Recruiting Excellence’s techniques, and continually offer fresh ideas and initiatives for you to apply the following month.

Through a series of monthly teleconference exchanges and the monthly ‘Big Billers Workshops’, we review each individual’s performance and offer advice and techniques to combat the personal challenges that you face that month.

At the end of each workshop, each member will debrief the Society on the successes and failures of their previous month – ‘Big Biller’s Monthly Business and Action Plan’. Everyone will actively participate in offering each member ideas and initiatives to assist them in drawing up their action plan, to once again be reviewed and discussed at the subsequent Society meeting.

What are the benefits of being part of the Big Billers Mentoring Society?



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