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'Secrets to Enhanced Candidate Generation and Qualification'
2 Days (Course Code: SCGQ)

This intensive 2 day course is a ‘must’ for all researchers, candidate resourcers and recruiters themselves looking to up-skill on their candidate generation ability. The focus of this course lies in the teaching and education of Recruiting Excellence’s trademarked techniques to dramatically improve levels of productivity and results.

A highly interactive course, including open workshops and delegate role-plays to master new skills and techniques. The course offers numerous techniques from discovering over 20+ ways to source candidates in a scarce skills environment, to understanding what makes a closed and marketable candidate, to knowing what and how to qualify a client’s proposition to attract the highest calibre of candidates, to structuring and planning your candidate approaches, to conducting the candidate ‘referral’ call, to qualifying and prioritising candidate motivations, and finally presenting your finished product to the client.


Please contact Recruiting Excellence for the specific course content.

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