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'Lessons for Corporate Leaders in Selection, Management, and Leadership from Antarctica: Shackleton’s Story'

1 Day (Course Code: Shackleton)

This highly powerful, enlightening and interactive one day course is designed for all persons in positions of management to draw on comparisons and evaluate their current style of corporate management and leadership with someone who has been described by some military leaders, astronauts and global corporate executives as one of the most inspiring leaders of all time, Sir Ernest Shackleton, Antarctic Explorer.

Brad Shackleton, a family descendant of the great explorer, tells the remarkable story of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s voyage of ‘Endurance’ and planned expedition to cross Antarctica on foot in 1914, and the tale of his enduring survival and that of his crew against all odds. We uncover the key principles of his leadership and management style that granted the safety and survival of his 28 man crew, having lost their ship and leaving them stranded some 1200 miles from civilisation.

“Shackleton’s challenges as a leader, inspirer and manager of people are no more or less different to the challenges of today’s managers and directors.”

Brad Shackleton, Chief Executive, Recruiting Excellence

This workshop will also provide the opportunity to personally present and discuss your own personal recruiting and management challenges with other delegates in the ‘Open Mic Session’, as well as with our guest speaker Brad Shackleton. Such opportunities have been well received by delegates in having both the opportunity to share and receive ideas from fellow peers.

“A powerful presentation / training course that will suit and benefit all professionals in positions of management authority from chief executives, to managing directors, managers and supervisors to draw down on the very skills that our employees seek from us, leadership, inspiration, motivation, and guidance”

Reg Bamford, CEO, 1st Contact


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